Iseebisou / English

I will judge fresh Ise shrimp with excellence. I will cook after the customer is seated. Beautiful body with a sense of transparency is crispy in the prongs, sweetness spreads when you put it on your tongue. We have served Kagoshima-style sweet soy sauce, but there is also Kanto-style soy sauce on request.
Shrimp Ise's miso soup
Miso soup which boiled the head of a spiny lobster. Shrimp Ise Shrimps and Shrimp Miso melts into juice and it is a rich taste. When you enjoy finishing shochu, you will be bound to the body.
Boiled in lobster of Ise shrimp
A simple cuisine which boils fresh Ise shrimp with clean sea water, while cooking with the shrimp prawns · miso and deliciousness, it is a very popular dish for customers. Since freshness is a life, cook it after you arrive at your seat.
Lunch time 11:30~14:00/OS
Dinner time 17:00~19:00/OS
Regular holiday 2nd and 4th Thursday(Change holidays)
Reservation Please be sure to make a reservation by telephone when visiting.
TEL:0993-38-0160 FAX:0993-38-2721 (Reception time 9:00~21:00)
Payment Method Cash or credit card
VISA、MasterCard ※JCB, Amex can not be used
All the rooms are Japanese style rooms with sea view and Mt. Kami-dake
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check-in 16:00~18:00
check-out 10:00
Number of rooms Japanese style room 10 rooms (All rooms non smoking
Parking 10 cars(Free・Reservation not required
          ※For smokers, there is a smoking space in the corner of the lobby's Irori.

Sightseeing around
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Seahorse House
Aquaculture facility of rare seahorses. There is also a cafe.
An unusual seahorse aquaculture facility, you can observe ecology such as seahorse in aquarium. There is a cafe space facing the sea, and it is also a relaxing spot where you can relax.
Kamafuta Shrine
Power spot of game of fight! Place the lid of the pot and pray!
People who know that there is a benefit Power spot.It is said that your wish will come true if you put the lid of the pot, pass through the torii, and go down to the money box.It will be luckier if you look forward to ceiling painting.